Meet the Geec The Galway energy-efficient car

The Galway energy-efficient car, the Geec, is an eco-car designed and built by NUI Galway engineering students. Every year since 2015, we compete in Shell Eco-marathon Europe, a 16-km street-circuit race where the winner is the car that uses the least fuel or energy.

In 2017 we finished 13th of 41 competitors in the prototype battery-electric class, with a score of 354 km per kilowatt-hour of electricity – roughly equivalent to 10,500 miles per gallon for a diesel car. Then we went on to win the 2018 Technical Innovation Award.

The Geec is the first and only Irish team in the world’s top ultra-efficiency competition, and the most energy-efficient car ever built in Ireland.

The Team

Each version of the Geec is designed, developed, built and race tested by a team of Mechanical, Energy Systems and Electrical & Electronic Engineering students of all years.

If you are interested in joinining the team or if you’d like to view this year’s team, click here to learn more.

The Car

The car’s structure is composed of a carbon-fibre composite aerodynamic body over an aluminium chassis. Power is provided from a lithium polymer battery to a 200-Watt DC motor, driving the rear wheel through a gear pair and a chain drive.

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