10th December, 2016

Aerodynamic evolution of the Geec

According to the PAC-Car book, aerodynamic forces account for about a third of the forces that push back against the motion of a highly efficient car. In other words, air is not the most important thing sucking energy from the car, but it is important. Geec designs have evolved radically in an effort to reduce […]

26th December, 2016

Partners: RMS Ltd.

The Geec is pleased to present its partner: RMS Ltd Road Maintenance Services Ltd. is a major innovator for Irish roads. The company has been preserving roads for local authorities since 1980. It is one of the longest established companies of its kind with bases in Galway, Cork, Sligo and Kildare. RMS Ltd is a […]

25th December, 2016

Partners: Blackstone LaunchPad

The Geec is pleased to present its partner, Blackstone LaunchPad. Blackstone LaunchPad¬†is a campus-based entrepreneurship programme at NUI Galway. The initiative is accessible by over half a million students globally, and NUI Galway was the first university outside the US to host it. Blackstone Launchpad is designed to support and mentor students, staff and alumni […]

21st December, 2016

Partners: QuickTec

We are proud to have the support of QuickTec, one of Galway’s leading IT providers. Their services include on-site support, cloud solutions, virtualisation, and hardware repairs. They supply and service customized servers from Intel, HP & Dell, and build customized servers to meet their clients’ most demanding needs. QuickTec has done much of the logistical […]