The dreaded brake test in technical inspection 8th July, 2018

SEM 2018 part 1: The hardest 99%

The Geec at Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2018: Monday to Friday We started in September 2017 when this Geec team came together. Some members were veterans of several years, and others were new. We inherited the 2017 car and spent the year making it better: brakes, drivetrain, electronics, chassis, body. After 5 years of development, the […]

6th July, 2017

SEM 2017 part 2: out of the comfort zone

Saturday, the second last day of SEM 2017, mid-morning. Niamh had just driven the second of our competition runs, setting a new Geec London best of 241 km/kWh to move up to 21st place. Only the best of our four runs would count in the final score, so we could afford to take some risks […]

21st June, 2017

SEM 2017 part 1: steady and sensible

Our third trip to Shell Eco-marathon Europe felt different from the first two. The Geec 1.0 had been the pathfinder, a rugged machine built to get around the track at all costs. It did a lot better than that, finishing 23rd out of 51 competitors in Rotterdam. The Geec 2.0 was an entirely new car […]

Finishing lap 4 for the last time 6th December, 2016

SEM 2016 day 7: Last chance, and this time we mean it

The story resumes around 8 pm on day 6, Saturday. After a challenging third run was completed without a score improvement, the team debated the next move. New tyres should have made a noticeable improvement, but didn’t. Were the tyres cancelled out just by the current-guzzling hill starts in the lap 2 traffic jam, or […]

4th December, 2016

SEM 2016 Day 6: Optimisation

We woke up on Saturday, day 6, sitting at 19th place of 49 battery-electric prototype competitors on a score of 157 km/kWh. Of those 49, just 20 had completed a successful run. We were happy to be among the select group that had completed 8 gruelling laps, but we intended to be much higher on […]

2nd December, 2016

SEM2016 Day 5: The other side of the mountain

After 3 days of inspection and practice, Friday was the first day of competition. Here’s a quick refresher on how the competition works. Every team has 4 opportunities to complete a scoring run, consisting of about 18 km in 8 laps. To be considered valid, the run must be completed in under 43 minutes, which […]

30th December, 2016

2016 Day 3: Taking the Rough with the Smooth

The track for SEM 2016 London featuring the Olympic stadium, the ArcelorMittal Orbit, which features a 178-metre tunnel slide (the world’s longest!), the flags of the SEM competitor nations, and a brooding London sky.   With the early-morning presentation of printed data sheets for all components, the final administrative hurdle to TI cleared, and Geec […]

29th December, 2016

2016 Day 2: Fix, Test, Repeat

The first full day of SEM Europe 2016 broke beautifully over our campsite in northeast London. All tents and team members survived the first night of camping. Team leaders and drivers had an early start to begin the Technical Inspection (TI) process. By 9am, the entire team was in the paddock, hard at work to […]

2016 Day 1: All Roads Lead to London

Planes, trains and automobiles. And boats and buses and helicopters. Monday saw the arrival of the Geec at Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) Europe 2016. The move of this year’s event from Rotterdam to London was heralded by the members of the Galway energy-efficient car (Geec) team as a levelling of the playing field in our favour […]

10th December, 2016

Aerodynamic evolution of the Geec

According to the PAC-Car book, aerodynamic forces account for about a third of the forces that push back against the motion of a highly efficient car. In other words, air is not the most important thing sucking energy from the car, but it is important. Geec designs have evolved radically in an effort to reduce […]