20th December, 2015

SEM Day 3: Technical inspection

Before any team is allowed to run at Shell Eco-marathon, their car has to pass a technical inspection to show it is (a) safe and (b) competing fairly within the rules. Technical inspection is not a rubber-stamping, but a tough process that inspires dread and respect. It’s known for exposing any engineering weakness in the […]

19th December, 2015

SEM Day 2: What happens now?

So, we’ve arrived in Rotterdam for Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2015. What, exactly, will we be doing here? The idea is simple: SEM is a competition for energy efficiency. Cars complete a course of 16 km over 10 laps of a street circuit at an average speed of at least 25 km/h. The winner is the […]

16th December, 2015

National launch of Ireland's most energy-efficient car

On 21 April, 2015, we’ll launch the Galway energy-efficient car – the Geec – nationally before we ship it to Rotterdam for Shell Eco-marathon Europe in May. Dr. James Browne, President of NUI Galway, will join us as we unveil the new and improved Geec 1.1. We’ll present the engineering and driving team, reveal results […]

15th December, 2015

From the workshop floors to Rotterdam

Right now, the Geec lies in bits on the workshop floor. Actually, several workshop floors. That’s nothing to worry about – just the normal condition of an evolving design, the latest of many rebuilds. But this is the final rebuild. We’re making more robust power electronics and a new outer body. Meanwhile, the steering and […]

Eoin McKeon Unveils the New Geec

The Geec is unveiled

The Geec got a great send-off for Shell Eco-marathon Europe with a gathering of the team, friends, sponsors and the university community. Dr. Jim Browne, President of NUI Galway, and Ronan Deasy, MD of Shell E&P Ireland joined the celebration, and Connacht Rugby player Eoin McKeon lent his considerable muscle to the project! Our home […]

Eoin McKeon 13th December, 2015

Connacht Rugby star, Eoin McKeon, to unveil the new Geec

Breaking news! Eoin McKeon, number 8 for Connacht Rugby (and an NUI Galway-educated mechanical engineer) will be helping us to launch the Geec and send it off for Rotterdam. The launch takes place at 12.00 on Tuesday 21 April in the NUI Galway Engineering Building.

7th December, 2015

In the team's eyes, the Geec is more than a car

The Geec is the Galway energy-efficient car. It did not take us long to decide to join the Geec team. Based on the objectives of the team, we believe that there is great potential to develop our experience and to continue learning with an open and positive mind as well. During our journey in the […]