1st December, 2016

The Geec Website – Everything Explained

The newly refurbished Geec website coincides with the improvement of the Geec. With a vibrant, colourful and informative homepage, our team’s website designer, Daire Joyce, has brought the site to a new high. Our social media platforms are highly visible on the side of the homepage where one may easily like, share or contact us. There is a well thought out menu on the top of the screen. Anyone who views the site can quickly access the team’s blog roll, info. on the students who are involved, media, and a page dedicated to our current and prospective partners. For those of you that are a little unfamiliar with the way our website will be run, don’t worry. All the vital information is summarised below;

Blog – the blog is designed to give you, the reader, an update to how things are going on the ground. With nearly twenty students working on the project, things can get  hectic and we are here to document this. Every week, the team must overcome challenges. Engineers love difficult tasks and we have the appropriate squad in place to deal with the problems that may arise. So if you want to have a quick informative read of how the team is progressing, keep an eye out for each of our blog posts.

Become a Partner – the team cannot progress at the Shell Eco Marathon if it wasn’t for our dedicated partners. We are very thankful for all that have supported us to date, including those who ventured with us on the Rotterdam project of last year. This part of the website is focused on enabling people and companies to support our campaign. Our partners for 2016 are highly noticeable (on both our Homepage and Partners page) with a direct link to their websites upon clicking their logos. There are directions given on how to secure partnership with us and, more importantly, what your business receives in return for your kind support. Parnell Watters is our head of Communications and Partnerships for your welcome queries.

Team – the team heading is split up into the current and previous years’ teams. In 2015, we had our very first car, named the Geec 1.0, and now we are working on the Geec 2.0 ahead of our endeavours in London this summer. The squad is fortunate enough to have three dedicated NUI Galway academic mentors who guide and direct their motivated engineering students. Last year’s team have successfully brought the Geec within the top half of the leaderboard of the European competition, marking a new milestone for Ireland in our country’s debut feature in the race. This year’s Geec 2.0 team aims to improve on this superb record. Diversification among the team is an integral component of how we generate our ideas, so the students come from all areas of study within NUI Galway. From engineering to business students, the specialised crew is arranged from first to final year undergraduate students.

Media – the Geec really is an extremely unique project. It allows students to learn from their peers and develop an increased understanding of leadership, creativity, and innovation. Our team at NUI Galway are the sole representatives of Ireland in the Shell Eco-marathon. It is then no surprise that the project draws local, national and international attention. The Geec 1.0 had a significant media presence from UTV, TG4, Today FM, and the Irish Independent. We expect to create an even greater media presence this year as the Geec evolves. Follow our journey under the media heading to hear what others think about the project.

Gallery – images of the team, events, meetings, and the actual competition itself will be on display here. It is an area where you will see the team in action over the coming months.

Taking a frequent tour of our website will allow you to follow our team in its journey to become one of the best universities in the European competition. We have already built Ireland’s most energy efficient car. Now we plan to create Europe’s most energy efficient car.


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