18th December, 2016

All hands on deck at the Geec HQ

It has been an intense start to February for the Geec team. Pictured above is the plug for the Geec 2.0 car. This is essentially the mould for the shell where one may already see the future elegance of this efficient vehicle. We can all agree that it is starting to look like a serious Shell Eco Marathon (SEM) car!

Sean Scally, a fourth year Mechanical Energy Systems Geec team member, is leading the way over the Geec body build. After months of planning, team members have finally been able to begin the slow process of constructing the body. Short bursts of really intense work will allow the committed body team to progress further with their objective.


Most SEM cars started out the exact same way. It leaves the books behind for a true hands on experience in innovative engineering. This is something that our Geec team students are proud of. The goal for the body team is to have a glossy, smoothly curved surface with no humps or hollows visible to the naked eye. The team must constantly visualize the shape of the car when sanding down the green foam. It really is a case of all hands on deck!

Speaking with team leader Sean Scally, he believes the build to be taking longer than expected. The man hours required to create the new Geec 2.0 are very time consuming. Huge amounts of work has already been put into the body to date and the team is longing for the day of completion.

Engineering covers a vast amount of areas and working with composites is one of them. It is a subject that most of the team knew very little about and this has made the build all the more exciting and challenging. Without the Geec project, none of the team members would have experienced the labour intensive and overall fun of working with composites.

When asked what he found challenging about the build, Sean replied, “Now that is a tough one. I think that planning is extremely important but it can also be very difficult. Trying to get the first and second year team members together at a time that suits everyone can be demanding. Everyone has a their own separate timetable in college so this is our first hurdle in the build”.


The main test with the body team is that nobody has prior experience using composites. Our partners Eire Composites have been incredibly helpful providing the team with step-by-step guides on handling the Geec’s vital ingredient. The big question surrounding the body is, will it fit over the already constructed chassis and drivetrain? Sean is confident that it will.



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