26th December, 2016

New Year brings new Geec 2.0 car

Continuing on from where we left off, the team is once again evolving its successive Geec car from last year. With many new faces on board and a well-structured timeline, the project has rallied through its first semester of planning.

London is the city to host the Shell Eco-marathon 2016. The new location presents various challenges for the Geec team. The track poses steep gradients and sharp turns which are unlike the previous track in Rotterdam 2015. These obstacles have been taken into consideration while designing the updated Geec 2.0.

Being the only team to compete from Ireland, we are all very proud of our work to date so far. We have a love for innovation where each team member plays an important role in the team. This car allows us to experience engineering excellence first hand. It has opened up opportunities for our students to delve more into the topic of student motorsports.

The construction of the new Geec 2.0 began in September of last year. The lightweight aluminium chassis was one of the very first items to be made. Now in January, work has started on the outer shell of the efficient car. We plan to have a fully aerodynamic car where the wheels are enclosed unlike last year’s version.

Many hours of hard work lie ahead for the team. With the support of our academic mentors, we are sure to meet all of our expectations. Watch this space!

Josefine Kristy Web Developer

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