20th December, 2016

Partners: CADFEM UK & Ireland and ANSYS

The Geec is pleased to present its partners, CADFEM UK & Ireland and ANSYS

CADFEM UK & Ireland specialises in engineering simulation solutions. The core of their business is simulation. Expertise is spread across a wide range of engineering sectors: medical devices, renewable energy,  aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and power engineering, among others.

CADFEM has a proven experience of driving innovation across a broad spectrum of engineering disciplines where simulation has the potential to accelerate, enhance and optimise product designs as well as reducing the time and cost of their design cycles. This company is supporting the Geec team by providing software and training.

We at the Geec are proud to have such a fantastic partner with CADFEM. The company has aligned itself with NUI Galway staff and students through it’s sponsorship.

CADFEM is based in Foley Street, Co. Dublin. Should you need to contact these experts in simulation, you can reach them at info@cadfemireland.com.


Aerodynamic simulation of a Geec design concept.

ANSYS offers a broad portfolio of engineering simulation software spanning multiple physics domains and industry applications. We have used ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS Composite Tools for structural design of our carbon-fibre composite body, and ANSYS CFD for aerodynamic design, with training and support from the Dublin office of CADFEM.

Thank you for joining forces with our team, and we look forward to accomplishing our goals with your kind support!


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