20th December, 2016

Partners: Shell E&P Ireland

The Geec is pleased to present its partner, Shell E&P Ireland.

Shell Exploration and Production Ireland Limited operates the Corrib gas project, Ireland’s biggest ever energy investment. At peak production Corrib Gas is capable of meeting up to 60% of the Ireland’s gas need providing the country with a secure energy supply for up to twenty years. Ireland currently imports more than 90% of its gas and generates two thirds of its electricity from gas.

The Geec team at Mondello Park with John Conroy of Shell E&P Ireland (centre)

Globally, Shell has helped students to gain a deeper understanding of business and engineering through the Shell Eco-marathon challenge, which gives the Geec team its competitive focus.

Family portrait at SEM Europe 2015. Spot us under the Irish flag 🙂

We at the Geec share Shell‘s values of innovation and creativity, and we are proud to have them partner with us. They have advised and mentored the team from the very beginning in 2013, and have kindly provided the team with capital funding to invest in this year’s Geec 2.0 car.


Should you need to contact Shell E&P Ireland, you can do so via their website or Facebook page. You may also find them on Twitter here

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