7th December, 2015

In the team's eyes, the Geec is more than a car

geec_corridorThe Geec is the Galway energy-efficient car. It did not take us long to decide to join the Geec team. Based on the objectives of the team, we believe that there is great potential to develop our experience and to continue learning with an open and positive mind as well.

During our journey in the Geec life, many principles have been added to our life; we care, we share, and we learn together. Together we built our team, together we built a bridge of success. Sometimes, together we lived unsuccessful moments. However, they make us stronger and stronger. So, together is a beginning.

The main challenge in this project is to design and build a car efficient enough to drive from Galway to Dublin on less than €1 worth of electricity. It is an honour, for all of us, to be a member of the Geec team. This is the first team ever to represent not only NUI Galway, but Ireland, at Shell Eco-marathon Europe in May 2015 in Rotterdam, on a worldwide level. With this honour comes big personal responsibility for each of us.

Projects like the Geec, through the challenges and the responsibilities raised, help to improve the experience of students. They make the boundaries between science, technology and engineering blur together to extend knowledge, education and understanding to students. It also presents Ireland on a worldwide stage, and shows a side of our country that’s not seen so often.

The Geec is a very rewarding programme and a source of great pride for all of us. It is a really wonderful, unique experience and a big honour at the same time

Josefine Kristy Web Developer

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