The 2019-2020 Team

The Geec team consists of a group of dedicated engineering students, all studying at the National University of Galway, Ireland. With support from lecturers in the College of Engineering at NUI Galway, the team continuously works to develop Ireland’s most energy efficient car, year on year.

Colm Fahy | Mechanical Engineer

James Brady | Mechanical Engineer

Killian Carr | Mechanical Engineer

Michael John Hayes | Mechanical Engineer

Oisín Anderson | Electronic & Computer Engineer

Patrick Buckley | Mechanical Engineer

Rory Brett | Mechanical Engineer

Sisi Kostova | Electronic & Computer Engineer

Adam Fahey | Electronic & Computer Engineer

Áine Mellin | Mechanical Engineer

Aoife Prendergast | Electronic & Computer Engineer:

Enda Kilgarriff | Electronic & Computer Engineer

Eoin Kennedy | Mechanical Engineer

Eoghan Moylan | Mechanical Engineer

Mark Timlin | Mechanical Engineer

Padraig McGloin | Electronic & Computer Engineer

Paul Kielty | Electronic & Computer Engineering

Rory Ward | Electronic & Computer Engineer

Seán Caulfield Curley | Electronic & Computer Engineer

Aaron Hannon | Mechanical Engineer

Amber Dowling | Mechanical Engineer

Aran Murphy | Mechanical Engineer

Ciarán McDermott | Electronic & Computer Engineer

Dylan Moore | Electronic & Computer Engineer

Gavin Larkin | Mechanical Engineer

Lauren Kelly | Mechanical Engineer

Sachi Sinha | Electronic & Computer Engineer

Simon McHugh | Mechanical Engineer

Aaron O’Toole | Mechanical Engineer

Aoife Murphy | Mechanical Engineer

Aoife Ryan | Electronic & Computer Engineer

Éanna Wood | Mechanical Engineer

Eoin Hernon | Mechanical Engineer

Eoin O’Donnell | Mechanical Engineer

John Flannery | Electronic & Computer Engineer

Lisa Finn | Mechanical Engineer

Paul McGrath | Mechanical Engineer

Séan Fahey | Electronic & Computer Engineer

Dr Maeve Duffy | Electrical & Electronic Engineering Lecturer

Maeve Duffy advises the Geec engineering team on power electronics for the motor drive circuit, aa well as other electrical issues.


Martin Glavin | Lero


Prof Martin Glavin | Electronic & Computer Engineering Professor

Martin Glavin consults with the team on the data acquisition system, processing of data from sensors, and communications.


Dr Nathan Quinlan | Mechanical Engineering Lecturer

Nathan Quinlan provides recommendations to the team on aerodynamics, the drivetrain, and general mechanical engineering design.


Dr Rory Monaghan | Energy Systems and Mechanical Engineering Lecturer

Rory Monaghan supervises Geec projects on vehicle energy system modelling and the monocoque design.


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